Friday, February 4, 2011

Trip to the Dominican Republic – Punta Cana

My trip to Punta Cana was a family affair. There were eight adults and one child. This trip was awesome! We stayed at the Melia Tropical resort. The resort is very large and if your building is not next to the beach; then you have a train ride to get to the beach. The train ride from our room to the beach was a five to seven minutes ride. Not bad. Sometimes we will walk if it’s not too hot.

This was an all inclusive resort, kid friendly with lots of food and drinks. The food was really good and lots of variety. I was very surprised by the quantity and variety of food. The la carte restaurants were really good also. This trip was primarily to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. One night we booked a restaurant and told them about the occasion and they give us the royal treatment. It was very nice!

The beach was a little trek away from our rooms. We had to take a train to get to the beach or the pool. The beach was kept very clean but the water was a little rough. The pools were immaculate, not to mention the swim-up bar. We stayed at the swim-up bar for hours, just drinking, acting silly and enjoying ourselves. It was a very relaxing atmosphere.
The rooms were ok. However, they were clean and no musty smell or roaches like in Mexico Gran Bahia Principe. The only drawback was that they were doing some renovations at the time we were there so the building we were in had some construction materials during the day. But we were never around the rooms during the day, so it didn’t really affect us much.

There are lots of tours that can be booked from the hotel through your tour guide. We took a tour where we were transported into a huge monster truck. Everyone felt like they were in a terminator movie. The monster truck took us to sever site. We went to a kid’s school where we were able to go into the classrooms and distribute pens, pencils and sweets to the kids. The looks on the kids faces will last a lifetime of memories. Went to see the works of a witch doctor next to the Haitian border… that was a little scary! Saw a cock fight in a real fighting arena. We went through some rugged and tough terrain in the monster truck…...never did that before so that was an experience. But the most amazing thing about that entire trip was the ride in the monster truck.

This resort was worth the money. But it was too big, because I don’t like the idea of waiting for a train to get to the beach or pool. But I will probably go there again.

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