Friday, February 4, 2011

Trip to Mexico - The Royal in Playa del Carmen Mayan Riviera

I have traveled to Mexico twice in the past three years. The first time, with my partner we stayed at The Royal in Playa del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera. This was an all inclusive adult only resort. The hotel was spectacular! The resort was very nice and clean. The room was fabulous. There was a free bar in the room, but who can drink all that alcohol in the room when you are outside all day and it is still free. But it’s a nice to have service. There was turndown service ever night with small chocolates bars on your pillow…how sweet is that? This was luxury accommodation at its best.

The food was excellent with lots and lots of choices. They even had an authentic sushi restaurant on site. And one thing that we noticed was that the rich local people will go to the restaurants at the resort for dinner.

The beach was great…..what else can I say. They had beach beds, actual single beds with a canopy on top at the beach and by the pool for cool relaxation.

There are a lot of tours that can be booked from your travel agent tour guide at the resort. We went to see the Pyramids, Xcaret, a traditional Mayan village and lots of other sites. The Pyramids were very fascinating when you have a tour guide.  

This was a really great experience for my partner and me, but we decided to try another resort on our second trip because it was a family trip with kids.


  1. I am wanting to travel to Mexico next year, when would you advise is a good time of the year to go?

  2. Hello,

    I have always traveled to Mexico during the low season. Around September/October. So here are a few reasons why I choose this time to travel to Mexico:
    - Firts it's low season
    - The prices are a bit low
    - Its a lot quieter at the resorts because all the kid are back to school. This is a big plus for me because if you want a nice quite relaxing time; there are not a lot of kids making noise. There may be some kids, but you've practically avoided all the ones that went back to school.
    - From what friends have told me, its not as scorching hot in the fall as it is in the summer time. Although it is hot, and that is the reason we go there; you don't get the heat wave in the fall.
    - Because this time is considered low season, the restaurants at the resorts are not over-flowing with people. There are no line ups. And you can get to enjoy dinner and feel the way you were suppose to feel when you are on stress

    Hope this helps....


  3. Big help, than you very much!!