Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trip to St. Lucia

This trip was a birthday present for me from my partner, so I am very excited to talk about it. St Lucia is a very small island in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. We stayed at the Almond Morgan Bay Resort. Our room was literally on the beach. We can sit from the balcony and watch the waves roll by. The resort was really nice, very clean and the staff was extremely friendly. This was an all inclusive resort. And the best thing about it was at 3pm every day was high tea time. We dined like the British at 3pm every day. The scones were excellent at tea time.

The rooms were clean and very well kept. The food was excellent! Everyday we had dinner at different restaurants and got the opportunity to talk to the chef. There is this one restaurant that leads out into the water and the dining area is open overlooking the water. However, when you are having dinner in the night you cannot see the water, you can only hear the waves… was beautiful! Sometimes when the waves are too high they have to close the restaurant down for the night because the water splashes into the dining area. And at lunch time they have a BBQ on the beach.

The beach is very small but keeps everyone in an intimate environment. It wasn’t too bad. The sand on the beach was the type I’ve never seen before. Because St Lucia is a volcanic island, the sand on the beach is gray. Very fine, very nice clean gray sand. The waves on the other hand were a problem for me. The waves were so high that I refrained from going into the water for days. Then finally I build up the courage and took the dive.

We took a tour to a plantation where we saw hundreds of fruits that were grown. We got the opportunity to taste a whole lot of them. And old woman (the mother of the owner of the plantation) made us breakfast and it was to die for! We then went to visit a rainforest. Now that was spectacular! We did some hiking (not mandatory for everyone), took a gondola ride across the rainforest in the canopy. But the most interesting sight was the St Lucia’s Soufriere volcano. You can hear the bubbling sulfur springs and hissing pools of streams. We also headed off to Marigot Bay…..yes the famous Marigot Bay where the movie Dr. Dolittle was filmed. This Bay was beautiful! I could sit there for hours just gazing at the boats and the beautiful water…..awh, what a vision!

Another trip we took was a day trip on a Catamaran. Travelling in the ocean all day, drinking beer and sightseeing…..doesn’t get any better than that! The Catamaran tour was fantastic! We got to see the famous Piton Mountains, not to mention drinking Piton beer. They also anchor the Catamaran in the middle of the ocean and people go for swimming.

We also took day trips out to the city to do some shopping. The have huge shopping centers where there are some really nice gifts at reasonable prices.

This was a really nice trip. We had a wonderful time except for a few days of rain.

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