Friday, February 4, 2011

Trip to Mexico - The Gran Bahia Principe, Akumel Cancun

My second visit to Mexico was with my partner and family in October 2010. There were five adults in total and one child. We decided to stay at The Gran Bahia Principe in Akumel Cancun. This resort can accommodate kids. But let me tell you, the bus ride from the airport to the resort was like forever.

This was an all inclusive resort also. It must have been one of the largest resorts I have ever seen on my travels. There were three wings to this resort; Akumal, Coba and Tulum. You have to take a train to get around the resort.

So here is the lowdown, the first night as we were in our rooms I noticed some small insects crawling on the floor. I decided to sweep them out the door. That first night we slept well because we were so tired from the travelling and bus ride from the airport. The second night I notice insects again along with a cockroach. Now its war! Because I can’t stand cockroaches in my living space. I killed the cockroach and sweep the insects out the door. As the night progressed, there was another cockroach. This time it was in the bathroom under my toiletry bag with its super long antennas sticking out from the side of the bag. I knew this sucker was large and I was scared to lift the lid of the toiletry bag. I called over my brother-in-law to help with the situation but now everyone was scared, because it looks very large with long antennas that keep wagging. So we stood there for about one half hour with a shoe in one hand to smack it as soon as it tries to move out from underneath the toiletry bag. So it moved and I smacked it and threw a bunch of towels on it and stomp in it. It was a scary situation because this all happened in the bathroom in a confined space. I was scared the roach will leap over and fly on me or something ridiculous like that. So we requested to move rooms. They moved us to another room, but the fears of cockroaches were still in the air.

As my partner and I claimed into bed one night, there was a very strong smell under the covers. The entire bedding under the covers smelled like urine. It was disgusting! We couldn’t stay in the room after that. We asked them to move us again. With some hesitation they did move us that night. And we asked them to spray the room for insects. They sprayed the room that night and we sat outside for two hours until 2am before we were backin the room.

And if the cockroach story was not enough, here is another one for you. One night as I was about to go to bed the phone rang and it was my sister-in-law. She was hysterical! She wanted me to go over to her room right away because there was a huge cockroach in her bathroom. Low and behold, that was the night her husband went out for a walk and she was alone. By now I have lots of experience with roaches. I took a shoe and crept into the bathroom and smack the sucker. This one was a little easier because it looks like it was an old roach and wasn’t very mobile. She was shaking for the rest of the night.

Anyway, the resort was very kid friendly. They have great programs for kids and the sitters are really great with the kids too. A great thing to have if you don’t want to drag your kids around with you all day. My niece said she wants to stay at the Children’s Club all day, because she gets to play with other kids.  

The food was ok. After a few days I started to get tired of it because it was the same thing everyday. Most of the a la carte restaurants were all booked up for dinner, so we spend most of our time having dinners at the buffet…..what a rip off.

The beach was ok. Nothing to scream about. The waves are so high in that area; they install permanent barriers in the water to keep the waves out. The facility was clean, but the rooms were miserable. I forget to mention; all the rooms we’ve been in had a musty smell. Don’t know what it is. But in my mind I was thinking mould.

Again, this is Mexico and there are a lot of tours that you can book right from the resort. Went to see the Pyramids; for the second time. Did a few trips into the city for some shopping and lots of other activities.

However, that will be the last time I am staying at that resort!

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